Vital Interaction helps healthcare professionals and organizations improve communications with patients through an easy-to-use automated Patient Interaction System that combines text messaging, email and automated voice.

Your practice provides professional health CARE to patients.  Our product enables you to improve your practice efficiency and spend more time caring for patients.

- Customizable Patient Interaction System
- Automated two-way communications – not just one-way reminders
- Reduce no-show rates by up to 30%
- Efficiency: Save time on administrative tasks = More time for patients

Are you aware that your patients rate you as a health care provider from the moment they walk in your front door?

The Vital Interaction Patient Interaction System frees your receptionist up from mundane tasks like calling patients to remind them of upcoming appointments.  Instead the process is automated – and you stay in touch with patients through the method they’ve selected – text messages, email or automated voice.

This helps your receptionist focus on greeting patients and providing more efficient and personalized service.

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