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Patient Communication & Workflow Automation Solutions

Vital Interaction is a healthcare technology company that integrates healthcare data, business intelligence and workflow automation to make healthcare practices more profitable, doctors’ & practice teams’ lives easier, and help providers build lasting relationships with their patients.


Appointment Management

Reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations

With Vital Interaction’s 3-layer messaging approach, we can automate appointment reminders via email, text and automated voice message, reducing the risk of a patient forgetting to show up. If a patient wants to cancel, a 2-step cancellation request is sent to not only eliminate last minute cancellations and human error, but also collects insights to why patients are cancelling. Keep your appointment schedule dependably full. That’s good for your patients and good for your practice.

Front-Office Automation

Optimize workflows and save valuable time

A practice team’s day overflows with a multitude of manual, time-intensive tasks. We make it easy for practice administrators to stay on top of daily tasks by using data and automation to cut back on pre/post visit work so they can address more critical patient care needs. Our software easily communicates with Practice Management Systems to help eliminate double work and optimize workflow.


Patient Reactivation

Prevent patient leakage and recover lost patients

It’s hard to keep track of all your patients and then have the time to reach out to everyone to follow-up on their care. Vital Interaction’s Smart List Engine continues to search for patients that have fallen off your schedule. Ensure all your patients are on schedule for great care.

Patient Communications

Build lasting relationships with your patients and create better experiences

Empower patients to take more control of improving their health via provider communication and visits. Easily communicate with one or many patients with on-demand messaging, targeted email blasts, and personalized pre-recorded voicemails.

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