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How Vital Interaction Can Help FQHCs Raise HEDIS Scores

For Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) on the frontline of community healthcare, achieving high Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) scores is a constant pursuit. HEDIS is a standardized system that measures the quality of preventive and chronic disease care delivered by healthcare providers. FQHCs, which provide affordable healthcare to diverse, underserved communities, rely on high HEDIS scores to demonstrate the effectiveness of their care.

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Vital Interaction’s AI-powered Provider Videos Impress at ASCRS 2024

At the ASCRS 2024 event, Vital Interaction showcased its groundbreaking AI-powered Provider Videos, revolutionizing patient communication. By personalizing health information delivery directly from the provider to the patient, these videos foster stronger engagement and relationships. Beta testing with Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers yielded impressive results, with a 56% reduction in no-show rates for cataract surgeries. Beyond the conference buzz, Vital Interaction is eager to implement this technology, driving innovation and excellence in patient care.

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Case Study

Claris Vision

Claris used Vital Interaction for an automated patient recall campaign that generated $139,000 in additional revenue without any additional staff effort.

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