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The Future of Healthcare Data Management and FHIR APIs

In just a few years, innovative technology solutions have helped change the landscape of the healthcare industry. From digital appointment scheduling to electronic medical records, legislation has encouraged new standards like these to be implemented and adopted quickly by providers.


Cancellation Links in Group Messaging

How does your practice handle emergency notifications to your patients? For example, if a provider has an emergency and can’t make it into the office, can you cancel and reschedule appointments quickly before patients begin to arrive?  In response to


Patient Health Automated Communications Compliance and Strategies

When implementing new healthtech tools to support your practice, it’s important to understand how they comply with federal rules and regulations guiding patient communications. From appointment reminders to emailing patients to discuss health issues and leaving messages with sensitive information,


Challenges Practices Are Having with Covid-19 Vaccinations

Healthcare professionals know only too well how many patients fall through the cracks and end up not accessing essential care unless someone follows up to remind them of appointments and services due. During the global rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations we


Reducing Staff Turnover with Eligibility and Authorization Automations

No one chooses a career in healthcare for the paperwork. But providers know, collecting and analyzing patient information, filing required insurance paperwork, and a million other administrative tasks take time away from one-on-one patient interactions every day. Tedious tasks like


Reactivating the Patients You Thought You Lost

  Want to learn how to automate the process of identifying and contacting patients who have not scheduled or rescheduled appointments this year?  Whether it’s a direct result of COVID-19 office shutdowns or due to other reasons, all practices have


Lessons Learned from Implementing Telehealth During a Pandemic

The healthcare industry responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 by deploying telehealth services in greater amounts than ever before. Medical practices offered new telehealth services to help keep patients safe while delivering high quality care. The changes were well

Growing your practice with automation and patient satisfaction

Sabates Eye Centers is a medical group practice serving patients in five locations across Missouri and specializing in Ophthalmology and Optometry. With help from Vital Interaction and our partner SatisfiedPatient, the Sabates team has improved online patient reviews to an

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