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Reduce Clicks and Focus on Patient Care

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Aspen Ideas/Spotlight Health Festival, an annual  three-day conference where health and medicine experts come together to discuss leading industry topics. And it made me think hard about the future of health care,


Tools for Transforming Your Medical Practice’s Workflows

In recent weeks, Vital Interaction™ has released the first of several new tools to help your medical practice increase practice efficiency, cut down on no-shows, boost patient engagement, and improve both the patient experience and patient satisfaction. It’s our mission


Enhancing The Patient Experience With The Vital Interaction™ Patient Chat Tool

At Vital Interaction™, we’re dedicated to providing state-of-the-art software services that automate medical practices’ complex communication workflows. Vital Interaction™’s Automated Patient Interaction System enables healthcare organizations to interact more effectively with their patients through technology to achieve high-quality patient-centered care,


The Vital Interaction™ Patient Waiting List Tool

Keeping a “healthy” or full schedule can be a challenge for many practices. But it’s not impossible—all you need is the right tools. We recently highlighted a number of new automated tools that Vital Interaction™ customers will soon be able


Automation Tools For Streamlining Your Medical Practice’s Workflows

As the healthcare industry moves increasingly toward automation, it’s imperative that medical practices are equipped with advanced automation tools and features to improve their workflows and to enhance patient-centered care. In a nutshell, the more automated your workflows are, the

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