Cancellation Links in Group Messaging

How does your practice handle emergency notifications to your patients? For example, if a provider has an emergency and can’t make it into the office, can you cancel and reschedule appointments quickly before patients begin to arrive?  In response to a weather emergency, can your team contact patients about an office closure from the safety of their home? 

To prepare for an emergency before it happens and reduce the staff time it takes to communicate important information to your patients, add Vital Interaction’s Group Messaging feature to your practice’s technology toolkit. If you haven’t upgraded your patient communication tools, your team can lose valuable staff time trying to contact patients individually. The Group Messaging tool also allows patients to remove themselves from future auto messaging easily with a cancellation link directly in each email message. Providing a simple, clear way for patients to opt-out of auto messaging is an important feature of any communication tool. 

With Group Messaging capabilities, your team builds communication templates in advance that can be used to contact patients quickly and efficiently. Our intuitive platform is simple enough for all users, no matter how tech-savvy. Give your staff the tools to send out group messages in minutes, instead of spending hours on the phone. You can also contact patients how they want to be messaged — via email, text, or voice recorded message.

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