Challenges Practices Are Having with Covid-19 Vaccinations

Healthcare professionals know only too well how many patients fall through the cracks and end up not accessing essential care unless someone follows up to remind them of appointments and services due. During the global rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations we must help ensure that patients not only are aware of these vaccinations but also complete both rounds of shots. How has your practice been handling these two-part vaccinations and ensuring patients show up for the second shot?

By automating your patient communications tool, you can make sharing key vaccination details simple by including when doses are available, how to make an appointment, and when to make a second appointment for the final shot. Automating these workflows can help you manage the process more efficiently and cost effectively. Building a robust patient communications tool also gives you instant-access to a list of available patients to contact when extra vaccine doses must be used quickly. Once the vaccine roll-out is complete, those same tools will help you improve engagement and reduce patient no-shows in the future as well.

Sharing COVID-19 Vaccine Information 

While there is excitement about the COVID-19 vaccine, many people also feel uneasy about receiving a vaccination that is completely new. It’s also confusing to some that there are multiple, different vaccine options available. Equipping your patients with important information about what to expect can help reduce anxiety and increase their chances of getting fully vaccinated. Vital Interaction’s automated patient communication tools can help you send important information like this to patients quickly and effectively.

Vaccination Reminders

We all know that patients forget appointments. Life happens. That’s why it is crucial to send out reminders to patients, keeping upcoming appointment details fresh in their mind and decreasing the likelihood of a no-show. How does your practice send out reminders currently? What’s your no-show rate? Could your practice benefit from a simpler method to send out reminders?

Vaccination Tracking

With vaccinations that require two steps, it’s important to both encourage patients to receive both doses and to track their progress. For the available COVID-19 two-dose vaccines, it’s important to establish a way to easily identify which patients still need to receive a second dose. How does your practice track this type of information? Excel spreadsheets and other tools can be unwieldy and time consuming for staff. Automating processes like these can save staff time, increase appointment rescheduling rates and reduce administrative costs.

Safety Nets

When patients miss or cancel appointments without rescheduling, how does your practice recapture them? Vital Interaction’s “safety net” feature helps you catch patients that slip through the cracks. This automated process can help ensure your patients receive important updates and reminders about scheduling a second vaccination appointment. Click here to learn how Vital Interaction helped Stress Care of New Jersey improve reactivation rates.

As patients who have been “missing” from your practice for the last year schedule vaccination and healthcare appointments this year, Vital Interaction can help you reduce administrative costs by automating processes and workflows. Empower your team with the high-tech tools you need to improve patient communications, reduce no-show rates, and reactivate “missing” patients. Reach out to see how we can help your practice establish a cadence for COVID-19 vaccinations today.

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