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Elevating Patient Care with Claris Vision and Vital Interaction

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Cataract, Glaucoma, LASIK, Macular Degeneration, Comprehensive Eye Care

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Diabetic Retinopathy, Oculoplastic, Aesthetics, Refractive Surgery

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8 locations in Rhode Island



Key Use Cases

Automated messaging, patient reactivation. ICD code reactivation, automated recall campaigns, Patient Chat

About Claris Vision

Claris Vision was formed in 2011, bringing together some of New England’s top eye care practices to provide the most comprehensive spectrum of vision care services available in the region. Claris Vision’s team of over 45 leading physicians are dedicated to providing the best clinical care, utilizing leading technology, and ensuring an individualized experience and high-quality care plan for each patient.


Renowned for its exceptional vision care services, Claris Vision was established in 2011 after the merger of several leading New England eye care practices including Koch Eye Associates. Claris Vision’s team of over 45 leading physicians are committed to delivering outstanding clinical care, employing cutting-edge technology and providing customized experiences for every patient. The practice’s emphasis on personalized care and patient experience led them to choose Vital Interaction for the platform’s ability to effectively facilitate and streamline patient communication. Claris Vision recognizes that outstanding patient communication is instrumental to ensuring patients feel heard, informed, and valued throughout their healthcare journey, fostering a positive and trusted relationship.

Automated messaging saves Claris time and money

Applying a strategic use of automated messages is integral to Claris’ communication approach. Whether for appointment reminders, pre-appointment messaging, or follow-ups, patients genuinely appreciate the convenience and reliability of automated features. Automated messaging also saved the practice time and money. For example, within a three month time period, Claris sent 75,000 appointment reminders, 31,000 pre-appointment messages and 25,000 post- appointment messages. The team estimates that this automation saved more than 2000 hours of calling for Claris’s office staff, freeing up their time to do other tasks.

Another way Claris leveraged Vital Interaction to save time and increase revenue was through automated recall campaigns. In three months, Claris sent 6,510 recall messages and 1,390 patients responded and scheduled appointments. At $100 per appointment, these recalls generated $139,000 in additional revenue, without any additional staff effort. 

Excellent results using patient reactivation and ICD code utilization strategies

Claris had remarkable results with two reactivation campaigns completely automated by Vital Interaction. For the first campaign, Vital Interaction targeted patients who either were a no-show or canceled and did not reschedule. 4,146 reactivation messages were sent and 894 patients responded to schedule an appointment, resulting in $89,400 in revenue. The second reactivation campaign was based on specific ICD codes for diabetic patients. Out of 280 reactivation messages sent, 48 patients responded ensuring timely care for this high risk patient segment. 

Enhancing patient communication with Patient Chat  

Patient chat is another Vital Interaction feature that has helped Claris foster a more engaged and satisfied patient community which has contributed to boosting their reputation and patient loyalty. Used largely by the LASIK team, Patient Chat enables immediate, real-time support, and prompt handling of patient inquiries.

After implementing Patient Chat, we saw a real improvement in patient communication. Actually, Vital Interaction has been a game-changer for our practice. Through their automated features, we’ve saved staff time while seeing an increase in revenue through patient reactivations. All without any additional work on the staff. It’s been a win-win for everyone – less stress for us and a better healthcare experience for our patients.”

Future plans using Appointment Request Form and Group Messaging 

Vital Interaction is working with Claris to optimize the Group Messaging feature so they can send timely notifications to patients, such as weather-related impacts on appointments or unexpected provider absences. This proactive communication keeps patients informed and safe while saving valuable practice time by ensuring critical messages reach the right recipients without manual efforts. Claris is also considering embedding Vital Interaction’s Appointment Request Form on their website to give patients the ability to request an appointment online so the staff can easily fulfill the requests right in the portal. Through their ongoing collaboration with Vital Interaction, Claris Vision continues to refine and personalize patient communication to deliver a seamless and exceptional experience for each one of their patients.


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