Product Update: Create Custom Views of Patient Reminder Message Reports

Keeping up with hundreds, if not thousands, of patients can be time-consuming. It can also be nearly impossible to successfully manage your patient base if you’re not tracking and measuring appointment reminder efforts.

That’s why Vital Interaction created the Automated Patient Interaction System. For nearly a decade, we’ve been partnering with medical practices to increase practice efficiency, reduce no-show rates, promote patient engagement, and improve patient satisfaction by automating complex communication workflows.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the many different features of our patient interaction system to even further reduce administrative staff time spent on complex or time-consuming manual processes.

In particular, we continually seek simplified reporting solutions to make patient management easier than ever.

Refining Reminder Message Reports

We’re happy to unveil our patient interaction system’s newest upgrade: Users can now easily create and save custom views of patient reminder message reports, or Facility Reports, which track the statuses of messages sent, as well as those to be sent, to patients.

Why is this new feature useful? This is yet another innovative function we’ve strategically added to facilitate a more streamlined reporting system.

The Benefits of Custom Reminder Message Report Views

Much like Recall Reports, reminder message reports, or Facility Reports, can play an important role in reducing no-show rates, as well as in increasing patient retention rates.

Our newest reporting feature bolsters patient retention efforts by making it easy for users to quickly and seamlessly generate custom views of different providers’ and practices’ schedules.

Customizing User Views and Permissions of Reminder Message Reports

Our new Facility Reports feature also enables practices to modify user views and permissions, another useful tool for optimizing reporting workflows.

Users have the option to create their own default views, which will load when selecting Facility Reports, or account administrators can create Global Views for all account users, which can be especially helpful if there are views that are regularly checked by multiple team members.

Creating Your Own Custom Views

To get started creating and editing custom views in Facility Reports, Vital Interaction™ customers can access a simple step-by-step guide via our Support website.

If you need more assistance, Vital Interaction’s support department is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Central Time Zone), ready to assist you with any questions, concerns, or changes.

To speak with a team member about creating or editing custom Facility Reports views, call (512) 487-7625, option 2, or email

To learn more about how our Automatic Patient Interaction System can help your medical practice streamline processes, reduce operating costs, increase revenue, and improve patient engagement, visit or call (512) 487-7625.

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