Harness practice performance and patient care data

Gain a proactive view of practice operations performance and patient care/communication KPIs that inform actions and showcase successes.

Get comprehensive reporting on-demand

Easily apply filters to examine care and continuity metrics across different patient segments. Drill up or down on data as needed to illuminate opportunities and issues.

Doctor holding a report

Analyze impacts on operations

Objective performance data lets you know whether adjustments to processes and communication practices are delivering desired effects or in need of additional actions.

Medical team and healthcare app

Evaluating metrics that matter

From improving recall success rates to strengthening MIPS and MACRA measures, get reliable read on staff and practice key performance indicators. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Assess patient retention trends

How many patients are choosing to stick with your practice and trust their care to your staff?

Get a read on no-show rates

Analyze practice trends on the rate of no-shows and enable the implementation of actions that continue their reduction.

See the signals of satisfaction

Get top-level, direct feedback from the most important audience of all, your patients, on whether their expectations of care are being exceeded or if their needs are not being met.