Improved practice processes mean better patient outcomes

Leverage the power of automation and an integrated platform to share information and improve communication between practices for stronger continuity of care and patient results.

Practice Management System Integration

Smooth integration with your Practice Management System reduces the risk of human error and eliminates manual tasks.


Tailored workflows and worklists

Configure workflows and worklist easily and realize breakthrough process improvements with automated actions that trigger based on criteria that you control.

healthcare workflow

In-practice and intra-practice collaboration helps everyone

Reducing the load of manual tasks, mitigating stress-inducing processes and saving time for your staff translates to more time focused on patient care. Here are just a few ways how the Vital Interaction platform benefits your practice.

Manage peak period demands with ease

Enable automated Return Call Management to reduce inbound call volume and patient inconvenience.

Organize waitlists intelligently

Allocate the right amount of resources to the right places to ensure that waitlists are optimally managed to best meet patient demands.

Streamline and optimize scheduling

Fill available slots proactively, reduce no-show rates by up to 30% and make the most of your patients’ and practitioners’ valuable time.