Case Study

Raleigh Ophthalmology sees 50% reduction in no-show rate with automated patient education campaign.





Raleigh, NC



Key Use Cases

Patient Education, Reminders, Recalls, Reactivations, Referrals

About Raleigh Ophthalmology

Raleigh Ophthalmology has been serving patients from all over North Carolina for over 40 years. In addition, to complete ophthalmologic services, they provide subspecialty care in Cataract, Cornea, Pediatrics, Glaucoma, Oculoplastics/Cosmetics, and Comprehensive Eye Care.


Prior to partnering with Vital Interaction, Raleigh Ophthalmology was experiencing a relatively high no-show rate of 8.56%. Once implemented, their account manager suggested an education-based approach to appointment reminders to better set expectations and alleviate patient fear.

Leveraging content from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Alcon Pharmaceuticals, and Vital Interaction’s powerful automation tools, Raleigh Ophthalmology began to augment their appointment reminder process with appointment specific content delivered via text and email depending on patient preferences.

The result?  Raleigh Ophthalmology saw a 50% reduction in their no-show rate, leading to a significant increase in monthly revenue as well as an even better experience for their valued patients.  In addition, they are seeing a significant reduction in physician chair and surgery scheduler time as patients have a majority of their questions answered before they walk into the office.

The process improvements with Raleigh Ophthalmology didn’t stop there. The team identified their manual referral process as another opportunity to leverage Vital Interaction’s robust system. Struggling to keep up with the stacks of paper fax referrals coming in, and unable to easily track outreach and deliver outcomes to referring providers, it was clear that a more automated approach was required. Working with their Vital Interaction account manager, they built a customized cadence to follow up with referrals via text, email, and voice. The result is increased efficiency (a 68% reduction in outbound call volume), more referred patients being seen, and even better relationships with referring practices who now receive outcome information generated from Vital Interaction’s reporting engine.

Looking forward, Raleigh Ophthalmology will continue to work closely with the Vital Interaction team to optimize their patient communication strategies through iteration, refinement, and constant monitoring of results.

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