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The Future of Healthcare Data Management and FHIR APIs

In just a few years, innovative technology solutions have helped change the landscape of the healthcare industry. From digital appointment scheduling to electronic medical records, legislation has encouraged new standards like these to be implemented and adopted quickly by providers.


Cancellation Links in Group Messaging

How does your practice handle emergency notifications to your patients? For example, if a provider has an emergency and can’t make it into the office, can you cancel and reschedule appointments quickly before patients begin to arrive?  In response to


Sending Mass Text & Email Messages To Patients

Has your medical practice ever needed a quick, easy way to reach a large subset of patients? Perhaps a natural disaster or inclement weather has affected your region and you need to reschedule hundreds—or even thousands—of patients. Maybe one of


My Favorite Reports for Tracking Patient Engagement

In recent posts, our team has discussed the importance of employing a patient communication system that works for your medical practice. This means having a patient communication system in place that: helps you achieve your goals enables you to measure

4 Patient Engagement Essentials for Connecting With Hard-to-Reach Patients

When it comes to managing a successful practice, effective patient engagement and communication are paramount. It’s impossible to run a practice—let alone build meaningful doctor-patient relationships—if you’re unable to reach and engage patients. In most cases, reaching patients isn’t difficult,

A 3-step Process for Effectively Measuring Patient Engagement

Over the past eight years, I have read and heard countless perspectives on patient engagement—especially best practices for measuring it. Some measure engagement in terms of time, for example, while others assess engagement based on activities or interactions with patients.

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