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Automation, the Human Touch, and Schedule Optimization

There’s a chance you’re in the healthcare industry because you felt called to it. You want to help make a difference in people’s lives and be a part of delivering exceptional healthcare. We started our business for the same reasons.


The Vital Interaction™ Patient Waiting List Tool

Keeping a “healthy” or full schedule can be a challenge for many practices. But it’s not impossible—all you need is the right tools. We recently highlighted a number of new automated tools that Vital Interaction™ customers will soon be able

A Closer Look at Overbooking Medical Appointments

At Vital Interaction™, we have the pleasure of serving businesses in the healthcare world. We are honored with the opportunity of helping solve some of the most difficult scheduling problems. Scheduling is already one of the most complex and difficult

How to Use Group Messaging for Scheduling Patients

Practice schedules are always changing for a number of reasons. And when schedule changes occur, calling and rescheduling patients can be a very time-consuming task. How does your practice handle patient rescheduling when, for example, you must suddenly cancel all

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