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Using Appointment Requests with Reactivation Messaging: Proven Success with Appointment Request Forms


During our discussions with customers, one frequently mentioned topic was the need to streamline appointment requests from reactivation messages.




Reactivation messages can be sent through email and/or text, depending on patient preferences. This approach has proven to significantly increase response rates and appointment scheduling efficiency, leading to higher patient reactivation success and reduced call volumes for the staff.


One of Vital Interaction’s customers, a Florida-based ophthalmology practice, experienced a significant boost in appointment volume and operational efficiency by leveraging Vital Interaction’s reactivation messages and appointment request forms.


Here are some key outcomes they have experienced by using appointment requests with reactivation messaging:

Increased Appointment Volume: In Q1 of this year, the practice received over 1000 appointment requests from reactivation messages, resulting in a nearly 13% increase in appointment volume compared to Q1 of last year.

Reduced Inbound Scheduling Calls: Utilizing the appointment request form has significantly reduced their inbound scheduling call volume, allowing staff to spend less time on the phone.

Higher Reactivation Success Rate: The ease of access to scheduling directly from the email or text message, with no need to call, has contributed to a higher than average reactivation success rate. This means more appointments, more revenue, and time saved for the staff.


Appointment request forms has proven straightforward and efficient, offering a range of benefits during the implementation process:

Simplicity: Implementing the appointment request form was very easy. It required only one meeting with the Vital Interaction team to decide on the information to be included on the form.

Customization and Management: The form was customized to the practice’s specifications, and the requests go directly into the Vital Interaction portal, providing plenty of options to manage, organize, and easily communicate with patients.


These results demonstrate the effectiveness of Vital Interaction’s reactivation messages and appointment request forms in increasing appointment volume, reducing inbound calls, and improving the patient experience. The ease of implementation and customization further highlights the benefits for healthcare practices looking to optimize their scheduling processes.

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