Improving Patient Engagement with Automated ‘Bulk Messaging’ Outreach Tools

Whatever your specialty, it’s important to ensure your team is communicating with patients more than once a year. In addition to sending pre-appointment reminders and post-appointment follow-up communications, you can improve patient engagement without spending a large investment in time or resources, using Vital Interaction’s automated bulk messaging tools. 

With our Bulk Sending Tool, providers increase the number of ‘touches’ patients receive, improve patient engagement with the distribution of key information, and automate important announcements to help reduce administrative costs. Here’s how healthcare providers are using our bulk messaging tool: 

Balances Due – Automate billing reminders for patients to improve payment timeliness and decrease the amount of administrative time needed for follow-ups. 

Office Announcements – Keep patients in the loop with news and information about your practice, using communication templates and automation to simplify this important task. Introduce new staff members, update information on services offered, and remind patients about important health information. 

Product Pickups – Send a bulk reminder to patients with open orders (i.e. glasses, prescriptions, or other pick-ups) by uploading a list of patient names and contact information into our user-friendly platform.

With pre-designed messaging templates, Vital Interaction helps streamline and improve your patient communications. Using targeted contact lists, you can automate who, when, and what messages individual patients receive. With pre-scheduling features, you can plan and send communications in advance. From missed appointment rescheduling reminders to new service announcements, improve your patient communications and reduce the burden on your administrative staff today.

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