Case Study

The Power of Automation: Malik Eye Care Leverages Vital Interaction to Re-Engage Patients


Cataract Surgery, LASIK, Glaucoma Screenings, Comprehensive Eye Care

Sub Specialty

Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Blephartis

Practice Management System



5 locations in the New York City area



Key Use Cases

Appointment reminders, automated messaging, automated recall campaigns, ICD code patient reactivation, Patient Chat

Key Results

Revenue Generated

Staff Hours Saved

About Malik Eye Care

A leading ophthalmology practice with five locations across the New York area, Malik Eye Care prioritizes both innovation and patient experience. Offering a comprehensive range of services, including optometry, advanced cataract surgery, LASIK vision correction, glaucoma screenings, and treatment for various eye diseases, Malik Eye Care leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver the most advanced eye care available.


Malik Eye Care is a leading ophthalmology practice with five locations serving the New York area. The practice offers an array of eye care services, including optometry, Laser Cataract Surgery, LASIK vision correction, Glaucoma Screenings, and the treatment of eye diseases. Malik Eye Care also uses cutting-edge technology to deliver the most advanced eye care available.

Understanding that patient communication is a key to providing exceptional customer service, Malik Eye chose Vital Interaction as their patient communication platform due to being dissatisfied with the limitations of their previous vendor. They were impressed with many of Vital Interaction’s features, especially the Bulk Message Sending Tool, Reporting, and Custom Patient Reviews. Malik Eye Care started using Vital Interaction in April 2022 and quickly achieved impressive results using Vital Interaction’s Smart List Engine for automated reactivation campaigns.

Automated outreach turns missed appointments into revenue

By leveraging ongoing automated campaigns, Malik Eye successfully re-engages inactive patients, resulting in major revenue boosts. Within a three month period, Malik sent out two campaigns to re-engage lapsed patients. The first campaign recovered $36,700 by rebooking 367 patients (out of 1,041 sent messages) who previously no-showed. Similarly, the second campaign targeted patients who canceled without rescheduling, resulting in $66,500 in recovered revenue with 665 (out of 2,636 sent messages) rescheduling appointments. Finally, a campaign for patients overdue for checkups recaptured $32,700 with 327 patients (out of 2,762 sent messages) booking appointments. In total, these automated campaigns brought back $135,900 in what otherwise would have been lost revenue for the practice. 

Reducing call volume while boosting efficiency with automated messaging

Malik Eye leveraged automated messaging to send patients 48,500 appointment reminders, 5100 pre-appointment messages and 6100 post-appointment follow-ups. This not only enhanced patient convenience and satisfaction, but also significantly streamlined Malik’s operations. It would take the Malk staff approximately 1,000 work hours to manually call patients to replicate the amount of work automated messaging accomplished. Instead, Vital Interaction enabled the staff to spend their valuable time focusing on more important tasks like personalized patient care.

Understanding the power of automated personalized patient communication, Malik leveraged Vital Interaction’s Bulk Sending tool, typically used for emails, to launch a unique text message campaign. Over 3,310 patients received birthday greetings along with special offers for discounted new prescription glasses and surgical procedures. This thoughtful outreach not only helped to foster stronger patient relationships but also incentivized valuable eye care services.

Transforming Patient Interactions with Patient Appointment Request Form and Patient Feedback Request

Fueled by the successful partnership with Vital Interaction, Malik has started using the post-appointment text message feature to gather valuable patient feedback. After appointments, patients receive a text with a simple link to a Feedback Request Form. This one-click system allows patients to quickly rate their visit on a scale of 1-5. This prompt feedback loop empowers Malik to swiftly address any negative experiences, ensuring all patient concerns are heard and addressed. 

Patients who have positive experiences are conveniently directed to a review site through a link within the same text message. This makes it effortless for satisfied patients to share their positive experiences and help spread the word about Malik Eye Care’s exceptional service. With this new feature, Malik Eye Care’s dedication to excellent patient care is evident in their ongoing collaboration with Vital Interaction. By continuing to implement innovative features to personalize communication and streamline processes, Malik demonstrates their commitment to ensure a seamless and exceptional experience for every patient.



















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