Moving or Expanding Your Medical Practice: 4 Tips to Consider Before Notifying Patients

Moving your current practice or opening an additional location isn’t a simple process. There are countless things that need to be done beforehand, and some will require more time and effort than others.

Fortunately, notifying patients of your new location—perhaps the most important task of all—doesn’t have to be difficult.

4 Simple Tips for an Easier Move or Expansion

Ensuring your patients are aware of your new location can be as easy as inserting a simple announcement, like “Please be aware that we have relocated to our new office at x,” into your appointment reminders or creating a message with our Quick Message tool to send an email blast to all your patients.

Sounds simple enough, right?

However, regardless of which channel you use to inform patients of your new location, there are a handful of important aspects that you might not have thought about.

Consider the following four simple tips to help make your relocation or expansion as smooth as possible:

1. Inform Your Patient Relationship-Management Software Provider

While we do monitor our clients’ new locations, we always suggest contacting us prior to the move. This gives us to time to set everything up ahead of time, as there are a few adjustments we need to make on our end to get the details ready for your patients.

For example, a new location may be imported into our system with the wrong office name or phone number, so we want to ensure all information is correct before sending it out to patients.

2. Ensure Information Is Correct

Our protocol is to always get the office name, address, and any new phone numbers recorded by our Voice Talent team to ensure a smooth-sounding phone call. We will, however, need your guidance in setting up names as you’d like for them to be announced, as they will appear in all patient communications.

3. Modify Your Settings as Needed

Anyone with access to your clinic’s settings can update the name, address, and phone number in our system.

If you need help updating your information, you can check out the instructions we’ve outlined on our support website. However, if you’re not familiar with our website’s navigation or you need more help after reading the instructions, we can always make the necessary updates for you.

It’s important to note that while you can make changes yourself to recordings, we will need to submit the recording requests on your behalf. (We hope to roll out our Recording Management Tool (RMT) sometime in the near future to enable you to make the requests at your convenience.) Don’t worry if the recording requests are not back in time for the opening day—our computer-generated voice system is always available to fill in the gaps.

4. Pay Attention to Detail

And finally, we will need to know when to flip the on-switch for your new location. This small yet very important detail can easily be overlooked if you are not familiar with implementing new locations in our system.

The name, address, and phone number can be updated without the facility being active or open. The recording requests will be submitted prior to the opening date, but none of this information will go out to your patients until the actual opening date.

Final Considerations

If this is your first move or expansion, we recommend contacting us to help you through the process. Our team will update the name, address, and phone number with ease and will submit any recording requests needed.

On the other hand, if you’re creating a Quick Message for the first time, we can also walk you through this process or create it for you. Even if you only need to insert one line into your existing messages, we can do that for you too.

Our friendly support team is always ready to assist you with any questions, concerns, or changes. We are only an email away at or a phone call away at (512) 487-7625 (option 2).

Happy moving!

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