Patients Notification | Delayed Doctors

Doctor running late again? There goes today’s schedule! Since they’re often without notice, these disruptions can cost healthcare practices a fortune in rescheduled appointments and patient complaints. With Vital Interaction’s Emergency Notifications, you can alert multiple patients immediately and from anywhere of delays and emergencies via text, email, or voice with just a couple of clicks on our website. Patients are all offered the ability to confirm new appointment times or to reschedule right away. By informing patients in advance of their wait time, they can then use that time as they choose, instead of as your doctor’s hours dictate, and you’re not stuck with a pile of cancellations!
Delays don’t have to annoy your patients; just a few seconds with Emergency Notifications will keep them happy and coming back! So stop the mindless calling and call us instead. Inform your patients of delays today!


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