Use Case

Pre-Appointment Patient Education


Provide patients with educational content in advance of their appointment.  By customizing the content based on appointment type, practices are able to better prepare patients for their visits and ease anxiety around what to expect.  Content can be developed by the practice or outside services can be leveraged.




Email and/or text depending on patient preferences. Video can be embedded in emails for easy access and higher viewing rates.


In this example, Raleigh Ophthalmology is leveraging content from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.


To measure the efficacy of a pre-appointment educational campaign, look at two key metrics:

  1. Click through rate (CTR) – Measured as the percent of recipients who received a message who clicked on the educational content link.  Benchmark: Vital Interaction customers typically see a CTR of around 70%, but anything over 50% would be a good result.
  2. Reduction in No-show rate (%) – Measured as a decrease in the % of appointments that are no-showed by the patient.  Benchmark: Vital Interaction customers have seen reductions in no-show rate has high as 50%, but anything over 20% would be a good result.

In addition to these objective metrics, we’ve found that patient education campaign help increase the efficiency of visits, increase patient satisfaction, reduce anxiety around appointments and improve patient outcomes.  

Best Practice:  When implementing a new patient education campaign, it’s best to “A/B Test”.  This means that you should try sending your messaging to a subset of your patients and compare the results from that subset to the patients who aren’t receiving the message.  Further, you can also A/B test the message itself by sending different content and different messages to see what performs the best. 

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