Reactivating the Patients You Thought You Lost


Want to learn how to automate the process of identifying and contacting patients who have not scheduled or rescheduled appointments this year?  Whether it’s a direct result of COVID-19 office shutdowns or due to other reasons, all practices have patients who go missing throughout the year. In 2020 and 2021, getting patients back in the door after COVID-19 shutdowns is especially important.

To help practices automate this time-intensive process, Vital Interaction combines two technology solutions – patient list building and auto-messaging. Personalizing how you identify patients, contact them and reschedule appointments is simple and automation helps reduce staff time and lower costs while increasing patient engagement.

We’ve created a short video (8 minutes) to help you learn more about finding and re-activating dropped patient appointments. From simplifying your practice’s process for appointment rescheduling to automating patient follow-ups, we can help lower administrative costs and reduce staff time.

 Reactivating the Patients You Thought You Lost in 2020

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