VI Spotlight: Elevating Patient Communication through Innovative Conversations – A Recap of MGMA Leaders 2023

MGMA Leaders 2023 Recap

October was a busy month for Vital Interaction as our team met with colleagues and customers at various key healthcare trade shows around the country. One of the most notable events we attended was the 2023 MGMA Leaders Conference held from October 22 to October 24 in Nashville, Tennessee. As a preeminent business association for healthcare leaders, The Leaders Conference is designed as a forum for the healthcare community to find new solutions and partners. Conference attendees are healthcare decision-makers interested in leading people, financial management, and transforming patient care. 

Immersed in a Nashville-themed environment with live music, conference participants were entertained by jugglers and other performers as they walked throughout the convention hall. Vital Interaction’s booth was well represented by Scott Hester (Head of Sales), Jimmy Marciano (Director of Sales) and Landon Carsey (Solutions Consultant) who led on-site product demonstrations. They were joined by Marketing Associate Kayleigh Maqueda who interacted with attendees and collected contact information from individuals interested in a future product demonstration for their team after the show. 

Hot topics and emerging trends 

One of the most common types of vendors at the show was staffing solutions and revenue cycle management tool companies. As they held discussions with medical professionals and executives, the Vital Interaction team noticed a similar theme among the exhibitors that highlights some of the priorities of our healthcare practice partners. 

These healthcare leaders were very eager and open to spending time learning about new technologies and services that can streamline any repetitive or manual internal workflows. 

Our team found that many healthcare practices are still handling the patient reactivation process manually in the patient communication space, leaving substantial room for improvement. Since Vital Interaction is an expert at targeting all types of issues within practice management and patient engagement, the team found that Vital Interaction has a distinctive advantage from our competitors because we can personalize outreach for patient reactivation in addition to performing data-mining to target outreach to specific groups and at-risk patients. 

“In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, the immense interest and pressing need among medical practices for technology-driven solutions to facilitate patient reactivations clearly signals that Vital Interaction is fulfilling a market need. Embracing innovative tools isn’t merely a choice for our customers but a strategic necessity to efficiently reconnect with patients, enhancing care continuity and strengthening provider-patient relationships,” said Scott Hester, Vital Interaction’s Head of Sales.

Key takeaway from the conference

In addition to lead generation and networking opportunities, one of the biggest values of MGMA was the opportunity for the Vital Interaction team to make new, face-to-face connections with representatives from practices they previously had not yet met along with building relationships with potential customers from previous shows. Overall, our Vital Interaction representatives are excited at the momentum created at the 2023 MGMA Leaders Conference. Since connecting with existing and new customers is at the heart of our business, follow Vital Interaction on LinkedIn to see all the places we will be setting up our booth in 2024!

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