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Creating better experiences for providers, patients, and staff

For over a decade, Vital Interaction has been helping medical practices increase their revenue with smart automation solutions that effectively engage with their patients and focus on patient care. 


Smart List Engine Targeted Lists & Campaigns

We build, automate and upload daily lists for you

Smart List Engine allows us to build target lists and campaigns that are customized to your practice goals to be precise in all types of patient communications, eliminating redundancy in outgoing messaging.

Recover Patient Appointments

Target patients who cancelled or no showed and didn't reschedule

Automated Follow-ups & Workflow

Automate follow-ups on recall and reactivation attempts as well as complex workflows outside of appointment reminders

Care Protocol Reactivations

Create treatment-focused campaigns based on medical protocols defined by specialty, practice and doctor

Patient Retention Reactivation

Target patients that have not been seen in a predefined period of time and do not have a future appointment

Automated Patient Messaging

Flexible settings with 3-layer messaging approach

With a 3-layer messaging approach and super configurable settings, you can communicate with patients the way they want to be communicated with, be it email, text or voicemail.

Patient Chat

Eliminate phone tag and easily communicate with hard-to-reach patients

Vital Interactions’ HIPAA-compliant Patient Chat feature allows you to chat with patients via SMS text message and quickly assign conversations to staff members to make short work of things like rescheduling a patient’s appointment. Patient information is securely centralized to provide your team insight on patient conversations so nothing gets buried or unread.


Group Patient Messaging

Send quick messages to a group of patients on schedule

Quick messages via Group Messaging helps practices with last minute or unforeseen changes that need to be communicated to patients on schedule. The tool allows you to sort by day, provider and location, and select the option to send the group message by text, email, or automated voicemail or by patient preference. 

Bulk Message Sending Tool

Deliver targeted & mass patient communications

Vital Interaction does more than help you recapture patients. Use the bulk message sending tool to send mass text or email messages for targeted marketing campaigns, payment collection or office announcements. Sending a campaign is quick and easy. We take you step-by-step from message creation, patient list upload, scheduling, final review, and distribution. 

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Gain insight to optimize your communications and workflow

Within the Vital Interaction platform is a built-in reporting engine. Get real-time results on each campaign to evaluate its effectiveness and a wealth of valuable information at a glance. Easily track key data such as:

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Measure patient satisfaction with ease

Vital Interaction helps you build and automatically send out HIPAA-compliant patient satisfaction surveys and monitor them. Patients are invited to leave positive endorsements at external review sites like Google Reviews and Healthgrades. 

Custom Patient Forms

Patients can easily submit their information digitally

From consent forms to health questionnaires, Vital Interaction can help you build custom forms from scratch or convert paper forms to digital editable forms that make it easier for patients to submit their information. All information is managed securely and in compliance with HIPAA.

Provider Recorded Calls

Communicate with patients with a more personal touch

Providers can record their own voicemail messages for personalized communications.


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