Sophisticated yet simple to deploy for your practice and patients

Disparate data sources and manual, human-powered processes are prone to inefficiencies and errors that diminish patient outcomes. Vital Interaction solves these challenges by integrating information and automating workflows.

Pair directly with your Practice Management System

Avoid the costs and concerns of manual-entry mishaps and data transfer delays. Vital Interaction connects to and works together with your existing Practice Management System.

Achieve efficiencies and greater patient satisfaction

Reduce manual task time for your staff and improve the flow of information with your patients through automated processes that drive continuous improvements.

Crtoon image showing healthcare and technology

Connected systems set the stage for automation and exceptional communication

Automating manual processes to reduce staff stress and opportunities for errors just makes sense – so does getting patients they information they need, when they need it.

Reduce the stress that's put on your staff

Automated, easy-to-configure actions lift the burden on staffs to know precisely when below-the-surface-data signals that it’s time for steps to be taken.

Make smart resource allocations with objective data

Objective, trended data allows practice leaders and staff to smooth out peaks and valleys in demands to better meet the needs of patients and deliver exceptional experiences.

Identify and address patient segments that require action

Vital Interaction’s ability to drill down on individual patient populations helps you identify areas of opportunity that simplified, top-level views won’t illuminate.