Information that patients need, when they need it

Mitigate manual processes that slow the distribution of patient information with automated touchpoints that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Make interactions easy and flexibly respond to changing conditions

Vital Interaction enables your staff to automatically confirm appointments, send reminders and promptly notify patients of updates that may require input and action.

Let patients interact on their terms

From two-way text and voice to email, provide your patients with a full array of simple, efficient communication mediums to choose from that meet their needs and personal preferences.

Exceed patient expectations with meaningful, efficient communications.

Replace cookie-cutter default messages with tailored communications that incorporate pertinent patient details for interactions that truly add value and save time.

Gain the Confidence of Confirmation

Ensure patient message receipt with improved deliverability that lets you know patients receive the information they need for a successful visit and post-appointment experience.

Save valuable staff time

Minimize the need for manual outreach with automated reminders, confirmations and customized communications that encourage efficiency and self-service.

HIPAA-compliant interactions

Your patients and practice are protected by secure, HIPAA-compliant communications that adhere to all information transmission and management requirements.