Enhance your ability to deliver value-based care

Vital Interaction helps practices realize the rewards of efficient and effective patient care with platform tools that improve patient satisfaction and eliminate inefficiencies.

Improve patient engagement measures

Get real readings on value-based care metrics that matter and see the effects of automation on improving your practice’s performance in these critical areas.

Automate patient communications and practice workflows

Define easy-to-configure criteria and conditions that automatically trigger tailored patient communications and care coordination tasks that define practice workflows when the conditions you set are met.

Upgrade your practice’s ability to deliver value-based care

Enable a team-oriented approach for delivering patient care and sharing patient data to effectively coordinate efforts and measure outcomes.

Improve MACRA and MIPS measures

Realize more revenue with demonstrated improvements in quality, resource use, clinical practices, and application electronic health records (EHR) technology

Maximize patient visit productivity and effectiveness

Tailored, HIPAA-compliant reminders and appointment instructions for your patients help you achieve appointment objectives and reduce the need for reschedules.

Control costs and improve practice operations

Vital Interactions automates a multitude of manual, time-intensive tasks and provides more time for addressing critical patient care priorities.