Vital Interaction’s AI-powered Provider Videos Impress at ASCRS 2024

As a trusted partner for over 1,000 ophthalmologists, Vital Interaction was excited to debut our cutting-edge AI-powered Provider Video feature at the 2024 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) and American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA) meeting. This year, ASCRS celebrated its 50th anniversary at the annual meeting that took place in Boston, Mass from April 5th to 8th. The popular conference was well-attended by ophthalmology leaders and ophthalmic practice administrators from across the country.

Vital Interaction booth

Jimmy Marciano, Director of Sales, and Sales Representative, Eli Rouse

AI-Powered Provider Videos Take Center Stage with Vital Interaction 

At the show, Vital Interaction unveiled a glimpse of the future of patient communication with the company’s latest feature: AI-powered Provider Videos. Vital Interaction sponsored the Networking and Engagement lounge where CEO Ben Chapman, Jimmy Marciano, Director of Sales, and Sales Representative, Eli Rouse demonstrated to a curious crowd how our new AI-powered Provider Videos were created. Studies show patients appreciate a personal touch from their doctors and are more likely to respond to direct messages. This is why Vital Interaction offers Provider Recorded Calls, allowing doctors to record personalized voice messages to their patients. Now, with AI-powered Provider Videos, Vital Interaction is taking hyper-personalized patient communication to the next level. 

After the brief discussion and review of the presentation deck, every attendee whose name and cell phone was entered into the AI technology received a text with a personalized video. (Click on the below image to see the video.)  The crowd was delighted with this innovation that was not only quick and easy to generate but could also hyper-personalize an effective patient/provider communication tool. Since Vital Interaction is currently beta-testing these AI-powered Provider Videos, many attendees signed up to receive information on further developments. 

How AI-powered Provider Videos are created with Vital Interaction   

Vital Interaction’s upcoming AI-powered videos enable providers to deliver hyper-personalized health information to each patient in a way that’s engaging and memorable. With this state-of-the-art tool, providers can create customized videos, talking directly to their patients and addressing their specific needs. These videos allow providers to create personalized patient experiences that will foster a stronger patient-provider relationship and help ensure patients understand the information they need to actively participate in their healthcare journey.

Vital Interaction AI-provider videos display

Using Vital Interaction, these will be the simple steps to generate a hyper-personalized provider video:

  1. Determine Use Cases: Using Vital Interaction’s proprietary Smart List Engine, identify the appointment types and use cases for the AI video.
  2. Script Creation: Vital Interaction technology crafts a compelling script tailored to the specific appointment type and patient needs.
  3. Provider Recording: Record providers delivering the script. They can utilize any recording method, including smartphones or the provided portal.
  4. Automated Distribution: Once the patient qualifies based on active appointment status in the PM system, the AI-generated video is automatically sent out via text from a known number or email depending on the patient’s communication preferences.

AI-powered Provider Videos help Ophthalmology Center reduce no-shows by half

Vital Interaction partnered with Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers from Louisville, Kentucky to beta-test how AI-powered Provider Videos affected their no-show rate for cataract surgeries. Before using these hyper-personalized videos, Bennett & Bloom’s average no-show rate was 5.71%. However, after using AI-powered Provider Videos to send surgery confirmations using email and text, their average no-show dropped to 2.6%. The AI-powered Provider Videos reduced Bennett & Bloom’s no-shows by 56%! With the average cost of cataract surgery at $3,500 per eye, the videos helped to generate additional revenue for the practice. 

Building Relationships in Beantown and Beyond 

The best part of any conference for the Vital Interaction team is always catching up with current customers and making new connections. In between showcasing our hyper-personalized patient communication solutions, the team squeezed in time to experience some fun in Beantown at the conference’s various networking parties and panels. As the conference wrapped up, the Vital Interaction team was pleased by the numerous interactions with attendees and inspired by the positive response to the AI-powered Provider Videos. The enthusiasm from the crowd solidified their belief that this innovative tool will help reinforce Vital Interaction as a leader in patient communication technology. Looking ahead, and fueled by the conference’s positive response, Vital Interaction is excited to partner with healthcare providers to implement this technology and transform the way patients and providers communicate.

For more information on Provider Recorded Calls and other patient communication solutions, click here to see how Vital Interaction can help you take your patient communications to the next level.


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